Jimbaran Travel Guide

The fishing village of Jimbaran is located on the Indonesian paradise island of Bali. It draws tourists with a large choice of beach restaurants and five-star hotels.

Jimbaran is well known for its fresh seafood eateries that line the back of the beach and diners can choose how their fish should be cooked from grilled or barbequed to steamed or fried. You may even get wet feet at high tide if you choose to eat at one of the eateries close to the water.

The top class beach resorts are among some of the finest in the world and thankfully tourism has started to pick up again in the wake of the bombings and Jimbaran is now returning to its former glory. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back and with good swimming, thanks to the calm sea.

The beach is a great spot to enjoy the sunset, and at dusk many locals and a handful of tourists line the water’s edge to watch the sunset. The nightlife in the area is quiet and designed mainly for eating and casual drinking in the beach restaurants that are lit by torches and candle light after dark.

Getting There & Away

Jakarta is home to the country’s largest international airport and is a 1 hour, 20 minute flight from Bali’s international airport. Jimbaran is only a 10-minute drive from the airport and there are many local_ bemos _and taxis to take you there. It takes about 20 minutes from Seminyak and 25 minutes from Sanur to Jimbaran.

Things to Do

Jimbaran Attractions

Jimbaran Beach

The main attraction in jimbaran is the beach and the array of restaurants that are lined up along the shoreline.

Side trips from Jimbaran


The large town of kuta is close to jimbaran, is ideal for shopping and has a lively nightlife.