Guinea Bissau Travel Guide

Overshadowed by a fragile economy, a malaria epidemic and internal turmoil, the little-known, newly independent Guinea Bissau has some decent attractions for eco-tourists and architecture buffs who don’t mind roughing it.

The North Atlantic coast capital, Bissau has few sights to offer, with most visitors swiftly moving on to the former capital of Bolama, where the well-preserved legacy of the Portuguese awaits. However, the real draw card here is the local cuisine, with delicacies such as monkey and beaver making their way onto the menu, despite their near extinction in these parts.

If you prefer to see exotic wildlife rather than eat it, head for the Biijagos Archipelago, where comfortable accommodation exists for hippo and turtle-spotters on the islands of Gabu, Bafata, Farim, Orango and Casheu.