Doi Pui National Park Travel Guide

Doi Pui National Park is part of the larger Doi Suthep National Park that dominates the mountainous western vista of Chiang Mai.

While the most popular tourist attractions on the mountain reside along the main paved road within Doi Suthep National Park, those who are seeking nature and seclusion will find all that and more by continuing farther up the mountain to Doi Pui National Park, which is named after Doi Pui peak, one of the highest in Thailand.

The main attraction on the top of Doi Pui is an overtly touristy hilltribe village called Ban Maeo that offers little more than desperate trinket buying. It may interest some, but soon after the village the pavement ends and the jungle becomes denser and filled with sounds of birds.

There isn’t much to do within Doi Pui itself except hike or mountain-bike through the jungle. The dirt road itself makes an excellent track for a long lingering walk as very few other vehicles use the road this far up the mountain. Doi Pui is home to more than 300 species of birds, though little other wildlife remains.

Getting There & Away

Once you get to Chiang Mai, the best way to explore Doi Pui is to rent a small Honda scooter or a car and drive the paved road right up the mountain to where Doi Pui National Park begins, a 30-minute drive. This allows you the most freedom and flexibility to do what you want. The road leading up the mountain begins at the western end of Huay Kaew Road, a major road in Chiang Mai. Alternatively, any travel shop in Chiang Mai can arrange a daytrip to explore the park. Chiang Mai is home to the closest international airport.