Custer Travel Guide

Custer can be found in the Black Hills of the southeast of the state of South Dakota]]. As the oldest city of the area – established 1875 – Custer has plenty of historic attractions and also boasts the supposedly widest Main Street in the US. Custer is famous for its mining of precious metals and is situated within minutes of some fascinating attractions, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer State Park.

If you take a wander around the historic downtown streets of Custer you will happen upon many interesting, unique shops, art galleries, and pubs and restaurants.

The real reason most come to Custer, however, is for the surrounding world famous attractions, such as Crazy Horse and Mt Rushmore. In addition to these massive carved cliffs are many impressive large caves, such as Jewel Cave and Wind Cave, and numerous hiking trails and other outdoor niceties.


Custer County Courthouse Museum: is located inside a late 19th century courthouse and displays antique furniture and clothing from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Mt Rushmore: is a few minutes northeast of Custer on the 5725-foot peak featuring the four most famous early presidents of the first 150 years of US history.****

Flintstones Bedrock City: not far from the Courthouse Museum, Bedrock is an amusement park with lots of Flintstones memorabilia and buildings in a Stone-Age setting.

Cosmos Mysteries Area: is a 30-minute tour for families designed to boggle the mind with weird and wonderful demonstrations.

Custer State Park: just east of Custer is a huge area of wilderness with numerous wild animals - Wildlife Loop and Needles Highway are two popular road loops.

Jewel Cave National Monument: can be found in this massive cave and is comprised of calcite crystals.