Calgary Travel Guide

The largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary is 50 miles east of the Rocky Mountains. Although it is a city based on the petroleum industry, it is also considered one of the most environmentally friendly on earth and a center of eco-tourism. A number of ski resorts lie very close to the city, meaning it has become a center for winter sports, especially since hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics.

This winter wonderland boasts an Olympic village, diverse immigrant neighborhoods and Canada’s second largest theme park, Calaway Park. Getting here at the right time of year can make all the difference given the huge number of festivals that take place, including the January Mutton Busting Performance and the One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo in the same month.

Indeed, this obsessively green city also knows how to have fun. Beltline and 17th avenue are the places to go and hang out in the evenings, with their huge variety of restaurants and bars. For something a bit more edgy, Forest Lawn International avenue is home to Vietnamese, Lebanese and Native American restaurants. Calgary is also home to the third largest Chinatown in Canada should you crave a dose of chow mein.


Canada Olympic Park: used during the 1988 Winter Olympics, this winter sports center features an ice skating rink, downhill pistes and a cycle trail for use in the summer.

Beltline and 17th avenue: Calgary’s premier entertainment center with restaurants, bars and clubs.

Glenbow Museum: a huge collection of exhibitions that focus on local history along with an art gallery and themed international exhibitions.

Chinatown: third largest of its kind in Canada with the largest Chinese exhibition center in North America which replicates Beijing’s Temple of Heaven.

Calgary Tower: nearly 200 meters high, this is the best place to get a bird’s eye view of the city and it also features a revolving restaurant.

Calaway Park: about six miles out of the city, this large theme park is good value with a varied selection of dizzying rides.