Blitar Travel Guide

The tiny, laidback town of Blitar is located on East Java, 45 miles from Malang and just over 100 miles from Surabaya. It is particularly known for being the place where President Sukarno, the founder of Indonesia, was born and finally laid to rest.

Istana Gebang is the specific spot where the country’s first president was raised. The presidential palace vividly showcases his lifetime, from the presentation of all his furniture to the exact pictures and paintings hanging on the wall. A huge memorial library that is especially attributed to Sukarno displays numerous photographs of his reign. Situated five kilometers north of Blitar, his grave has developed into a shrine and is a major earner with the tourism industry.

Blitar also presents several temples dating from the Majapahit kingdom, above all the most popular Penataran to the north of the town, which is considered the widest temple complex in the region. Another appealing site is the Rambut Monte temple, featuring a large lake-fed pool that swarms with hundreds of rare fish and is sanctified by the local residents.

Getting There & Away

Blitar is about 45 miles from Malang and the trip takes approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes by bus or car. Malang is linked with Surabaya by frequently operating buses that take up to 3 hours to complete the journey. Several daily overnight train services connect Jakarta and Malang; however, the only available ekonomi class is generally crammed and unpleasant. It is also possible to get a direct 2-hour flight from Jakarta to Malang.

Things to Do

Blitar Attractions

Istana Gebang

The presidential palace with authentically arranged interior decoration.

Penataran temple

The widest temple complex in east java.

Gravesite of President Sukarno

A popular stop off for visitors to blitar.

Rambut Monte temple

A sanctified site with a large fishing pond.