Babar Islands Travel Guide

Set in Maluku, the Babar Islands are part of the remotest stretches of Indonesia. Few tourists travel here, and those who do are greeted with remote stretches of coastline and a nearly complete lack of facilities.

There are six major islands in the Babar cluster, the most prominent of which is Babar itself. Babar Island is much taller than the rest, with a central elevation of roughly 2,400 feet. Babar Island hosts a rich ecosystem and dense forests, a stark contrast to the smaller low-lying islands in the cluster.

Situated on the central islands, Tepa is the only viable town in the Babar Islands. Boats traveling to and from other parts of Maluku province make use of the port here, but western visitors are a rare sight. The most prominent buildings in Tepa are churches used by the largely Christian local population.

Visiting the Babar Islands can be a real treat for independent travelers, especially for those yearning for cultural immersion. Secluded white-sand beaches abound, but a beginner’s knowledge of the Bahasa Indonesian dialect is extremely helpful, if not essential.

Getting There & Away

Ambon is the most important transportation hub in Maluku Province, and there are regular connections by sea between here and Tepa port. Ferries take several hours to connect to Ambon, from where regularly flights depart for Jakarta (5 hours) several times per week.