Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba is an Island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Central America and north of Venezuela and is an autonomous dependency of Netherlands is very popular with tourists for its sun-kissed beaches and luxury resorts. The stretch from Palm to Eagle Beach is a favorite tourist hot spot.

Aruba also has a wealth of other tourist attractions apart from its beaches like the Arikok National Park that has some great hiking trails and also houses the Guadirikiri Caves, the California Lighthouse and the ruins of the Historic Gold Mills. While on a trip to Aruba, don’t miss out on the area of Daimari comprising of a coconut plantation and a ranch and the volcanic formation of Hooiberg.

Getting There

Travel by air is the most common way of reaching Aruba, especially through US, Canada and Netherlands. Transit flights from Venezuela and Colombia are also available. There are no scheduled boats but lots of cruise liners do make Oranjestad their port of call.

Weather & Climate

Aruba is hot and dry throughout the year except in October and November when it receives rainfall. The temperature hardly deviates from around 30°C.