Getting to Africa may necessitate several changes, depending on where you are coming from and your final destination, as it is not the world’s best connected continent. Air Algerie serves Europe and North Africa, while South African Airways operates around the southern part of the continent, flying to Europe and North America.

From the US: it is possible to reach South Africa and several other locations direct but travelers may need to change in Europe or South Africa to reach other places. North American Airlines travel between the continents, as do South Africa Airways, which has hubs in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Flights can be costly, but some low season deals are available.

From Canada: as with traveling from Canada to countries such as Kenya’s Nairobi, it may be necessary to connect in Europe, which is far better served by flights to Africa. Ethiopian Airlines has recently started flying to parts of Canada and North America, and connects to Adis Ababa and Cairo. The popular South African destinations of Cape Town and Johannesburg can be reached by direct flight.

From the UK: South African Airways flies direct to several African destinations with hubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town. To reach some African cities it may be necessary to change in a European city such as Amsterdam or Paris, but North African destinations such as Morocco and Tunisia are easily reached by direct flight.

From Australia and New Zealand: it is possible to get to the more popular destinations direct, although you may have to change somewhere like Morocco or South Africa in order to get to one of the least commonly visited countries such as Mozambique or Rwanda. Qantas Airlines serves both Australia and New Zealand and flies regularly to Johannesburg, while Singapore Airlines serves the Egyptian city of Cairo as South Africa’s main cities.

From South Africa: Johannesburg International Airport is the country’s main hub and regular direct flights serve many cities within Africa. It may be necessary to change in a southern or eastern city such as Harare or Maputo, however, to reach certain Central and North African destinations.