South Cebu Travel Guide

The southern half of Cebu Island is pretty much the same as the northern part. It's a lush tropical land split down the center by a mountainous spine flanked in dense jungle and littered with tiny fishing villages and beautiful white beaches.

Worth It?
There are plenty of uncrowded beach destinations located in South Cebu.
What to Do
slowly move down the western coast and enjoy picture-perfect beaches like Badian, soak in the friendly local culture with very few other foreigners, and check out the handful of tiny islands.
Best Time to Go
December to May sees the driest sunniest conditions.
How Long?
A week or two would let you see most of the region.

Among the better coastal towns where you can enjoy some sand and sea are Moalboal, San Fernando, Samboan, Santander, and Badian. Badian is also the place to catch an outrigger boat to the stunning little islands of Badian and Pescador. For a perfect blend of Spanish-era history and stunning natural beauty, check out the town of Argao.

At the extreme southern tip of Cebu lie a couple of port towns that provide sea access to other parts of the Visayas region. Interesting Sumilon Island is down here and also worth checking out if you're an island junkie. The inland area of South Cebu contains few towns of note except Montalongon, so most travelers stick to the coastlines.

There is plenty of resort accommodation to choose from anywhere there's a nice beach, scuba diving scene or other natural attraction. Traveling is slow going on Cebu, but there is reliable bus and minivan service to every town on the island. Just make sure you have plenty of time if you want to venture into the deep south of Cebu. You'll be glad you did.

Travel to South Cebu - Getting There

The main entry point to South Cebu is the bustling Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located just east of Cebu City across the strait on Mactan Island. The flights from Manila to Cebu Island take just under an hour. To explore the many sites of South Cebu you can either rent your own car or use the public bus, private minivans or take colorful jeepneys from spot to spot.

South Cebu Things to Do

South Cebu Attractions

Badian Island
probably the prettiest stretch of sand in South Cebu, this island is relaxed, quiet and easy to reach by boat from Badian.
this popular resort town has excellent scuba diving and great tourism facilities.
Pescador Island
a tiny island off Moalboal is a great daytrip to experience a quiet beach adventure.
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