Soasio Travel Guide

Soasio, also known as Soa-siu, is a city in the southeast of Tidore Island which lies off the west coast of Halmahera Island, North Maluku. It is connected to the more popular Ternate Island by bridge and is known for its beaches and nearby volcano.

Worth It?
Only really for visits to the nearby Mount Kiematabu.
What to Do
hiking up Kiematabu volcano, visiting Ternate Island.
Best Time to Go
May through to September or October.
How Long?
A few hours should suffice for trips to Mount Kiematabu.
Soasio is capital of Halmahera Tengah regency.

The 1,730-meter Kiematabu peak occupies most of the southern part of Tidore Island and is a major reason for people wanting to stay in Soasio. It is extinct and provides some good walking options for a few days. Sunsets from the mountain are particular spectacular. From Soasio you can also easily visit the smaller volcano of Sabale in the north of the island.

Ternate City is the capital of Ternate Island and North Maluku Province and is just across from Tidore by bridge. The town is the largest in the region and is worth a look for visitors to Soasio. The active Mount Gamalama volcano is the main attraction and has good hiking. Ternate City also has many cultural attractions.

Travel to Soasio - Getting There

Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate City on neighboring Ternate Island is the entry point for Soasio and receives flights from Makassar (South Sulawesi), the nearest large airport. Flight time from Jakarta, via Makassar, is 5 hours. Boats also arrive at Ternate from the mainland and then run to Soasio.

Soasio Things to Do

Soasio Attractions

Kiematabu Mountain
an extinct volcano and the main attraction for visiting Soasio, rising to 1,730m above sea level. It has good hiking.

Side trips from Soasio

Ternate City
the largest city and capital of North Maluku has all the tourist allure of the region with plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops as well as the active Gamalama Volcano and nice beaches nearby.
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