Qiongzhong Travel Guide

Qiongzhong is a county-level town just south of the Hainan Island capital, Haikou. It is accessed by the main S206 Expressway, just five kilometers from Haikou, and has an interesting old town at Qionghai.

Worth It?
Only as an escape or side trip from Haikou.
What to Do
walk the old town, see Baihuashan waterfall.
Best Time to Go
in the cool season from December to February.
How Long?
A few hours in Qiongzhong is enough.
Qiongzhong is one of six counties in Hainan.

Qiongzhong is, in fact, an autonomous county in Hainan and its 200,000-strong populace is mainly Li and Miao minorities. It is a laid back area and there are some interesting original houses to see in the Qionghai old town.

The Wanquan River provides a pleasant backdrop for Qiongzhong and there are many cheap hotels along Jinhe Road. Just out of town is the Baihuashan waterfall, which is worth a look if you have time on your hands.

Travel to Qiongzhong - Getting There

The S206 Expressway provides access to Qiongzhong direct from Haikou within minutes. Meilan International Airport is the gateway to Hainan Island. It is southeast of town and receives flights from all over the region. Flight time from Beijing is around 4 hours, while ferries also serve Haikou.

Qiongzhong Things to Do

Qiongzhong Attractions

Qionghai town
the main attraction of a visit to Qiongzhong County is a walk around the old part of Qionghai and admiring the old buildings.

Side trips from Qiongzhong

Baihuashan Waterfall
a pretty waterfall just outside the main town, and although not massive it is scenic.


Li Gala
an interesting festival on the third day of the third lunar month (early April). It is for the Li people of Qiongzhong and features activities galore.
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