Pulau Bacan Travel Guide

Popular with birdwatchers and trekkers, Pulau Bacan (Bacan Island) lies at the center of the Bacan Islands chain within North Maluku Province]]. It is a sizeable island with Labuha as its capital and the larger Halmahera Island off to the east.

Pulau Bacan is volcanic with large mountains and some dense jungle. The highest point is Mount Labua, which rises to over 2,100m above sea level and is good for hiking. Labua is in the south not far from the capital, which itself lies on the coast on a low-lying isthmus.

The island happens to be the easternmost point on earth that is inhabited by the quadrumana black ape and also has a significant number of bird species. Pulau Bacan is also known to harbor the giant mason bee, the world’s largest bee.

The nearby islands of Mandioli and Kasiruta also have appeal, and island hopping by charter boat is fun.

Getting There & Away

Pulau Bacan can be reached by air, with Labuha Airport receiving flights from around Maluku, including from Ternate, and also from Makassar in South Sulawesi (3 hours). From Makassar you can connect to Jakarta, home to Indonesia’s main international airport. It’s a small airport with limited flights and facilities - bemos run to town. Ferries and speedboats run to Pulau Bacan from elsewhere in North Maluku.