Positioned on the northwest coast of Luzon in the Philippines, Laoag is the capital of Ilocos Norte Province and is home to a beautiful coastline and picturesque mountains.

The city boasts the only commercial airport in the region and most tourists pass through the city when visiting the north of Luzon. There is a large network of buses and also jeepneys that travel around the city and surrounding areas.

There is an array of things to do in Laoag, from visiting museums and cultural sites to playing a round of golf on a world-class golf course. In the city are a few casinos situated in some of the major hotels. For outdoors activities, you can enjoy water sports, trekking and cycling.

Getting There & Away

The easiest and most popular way to arrive to Laoag is by plane, with daily flights leaving Manila taking approximately 45 minutes flying time. It is possible to take a bus from Manila although travel time is upwards of 12 hours. Hiring a car and self-driving is an option, with well-paved highways all the way from Manila.

Things to Do

Laoag Attractions

St William’s Cathedral

Built in 1612, st william’s cathedral is a stunning example of italian renaissance design with large columns and ornate windows. the sinking bell tower is positioned next to the church and is dropping at a rate of one inch per year.

Ilocos Norte Museum

Filled with history and heritage from the fascinating past of the region, ilocos norte museum is a must-see.