Zurich Travel Guide

Switzerland’s capital city is a hot-bed of winding streets, coffee-swilling intellectuals, beautiful art galleries and eco-friendly cyclists. Sitting coolly on the northern shore of Lake Zurich, the city boasts an old town that is home to innumerable winding streets and two impressive cathedrals. Other highlights include the Museum of Fine Arts, Swiss National Museum and generally lounging about on the lovely shores of the lake.

One of the most visually stunning cities in Europe, Switzerland’s capital Zurich has a reputation as a hub of liberal thought and this is reflected in the large number of interesting art galleries, museums, bicycles and bustling cafés. The pretty banks of Lake Zurich offer a plethora of picnic spots where you can enjoy watching the city and its citizens go about their daily business.

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best in Europe and home to masses of important works, while the Swiss National Museum is also full of interesting exhibits. The Old Town offers pleasant strolls and the chance to indulge in a cup of coffee and slice of cake, while shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse is a great experience as long as you don’t look at the price tags.


Bahnhofstrasse: this pedestrianised shopping haven is a beautiful spot, but make sure you’re wallet’s bursting at the seams if you’re planning to buy anything.

Lindt and Sprungli: sample some of the world’s finest chocolate at its source just south of the city.

The Old Town: winding streets, lovely cafés and locals sauntering around on bicycles make the Old Town a lovely experience.

Museum of Fine Arts: one of the most impressive museums in Europe, this massive place houses an outstanding collection of artworks.

Swiss National Museum: a highly impressive journey through the history of Switzerland and its people.

Zurich Zoo: an excellent aquarium, a huge open-air aviary and a superb giant tortoise show are all on offer at one of Europe’s favorite zoos.

Kyburg Castle: this enormous castle is one of the biggest and grandest in Switzerland with lots of historical artifacts.