Punta del Este Travel Guide

Located on the southern tip of Uruguay, not far from Montevideo, Punta del Este is noted as a playground for the rich and famous. One of the most delightful destinations on the South American coastline, with guaranteed weather in the summer and great surfing, dining and accommodation options, Punta del Este is an all round winner.

The town itself lies on a picturesque peninsular jutting out into the Rio de la Plata and its main draw is without doubt the dazzling beaches, which fill up to the brim with bronzed bodies between Christmas and Easter. You can flaunt all you like or disappear among the many secluded bays or in the nearby lush countryside. At night, the resort is equally appealing with no end to the nightlife options.

Away from the allure of the sand and sea, Punta del Este also reveals a mishmash of architectural styles in the homes of its wealthy inhabitants, while chic boutiques dot tree-lined streets. There are also a number of other attractions worth a look if you tire of the beach scene or are here out of season, with a quality museum and the curious Dedos.


Beaches: several beaches are available, with the cream of the crop being Mansa and Brava beaches, both of which are packed between December and March.

Gorlero: great for a stroll, featuring numerous quality shops, restaurants, bars and casinos.

Casa del Pueblo: the town’s best known museum in the guise of a Mediterranean abode used to be the home of renowned Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro.

Faro de Punta del Este: this mid-1800s lighthouse built by Tomás Libarena boasts crystal prisms from France and make for an interesting visit.

Isla de Lobos: located five miles from shore, the island hosts one of the world’s largest sea lion colonies in the world.