The Australia and South Pacific region is teaming with spectacular natural beauty to view and enjoy. With such a vast array of terrain over the sprawling area, many different activities are available from trekking through World Heritage listed parks to snorkeling and diving at some of the most marine-rich reefs on the globe.

Magnificent geological formations are on show including such places as Ayers Rock in the heart of Australia, stunning snow capped mountains in New Zealand and the breathtaking natural beauty of Norfolk Island.

Whether you want to sit back on a secluded beach and watch the sunset or enjoy some of the many festivals and celebrations held throughout the year, the region has something to please everybody.

Trekking: the best trekking in the Oceania region is in New Zealand with its breathtaking scenery and challenging trails. There are also some less difficult yet equally rewarding trails in Australia, with Mount Kosciuszko a must do. For magnificent volcanic mountain trekking, Indonesia and also Hawaii are home to some beautiful lava molded landscapes.

Diving and snorkeling: throughout the Australasia and Pacific region there are some amazing dive sites filled with marine life. Some of the best sites are around the coast of Australia, and in the north of New Zealand. Many of the smaller islands in the Oceania region have perfect beaches and shallow water reefs for snorkeling.

Surfing: the Australasia and South Pacific region throughout Oceania have some of the world’s best surfing spots. Great conditions can be found year round and all levels of riding skill catered for. Some of the best breaks are along the Australian coast and around the islands of Fiji and Samoa.

White water rafting and kayaking: for some adventurous, thrill-seeking fun, Australia and New Zealand both have an array of high-level rapids for white water rafting. The islands of the South Pacific are great for a more relaxed and slower paced paddle through some beautiful scenery in crystal clear waters.

Skiing: Australia is not well known for its snow and for good reason; the falls are unpredictable and becoming more so due to the effects of climate change. New Zealand, on the other hand, has some great mountains which in the winter season compare with Europe. New Zealand is the best ski destination in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mountain climbing / rock climbing: in Australia and the South Pacific Oceania region, there are a vast number of great cliffs and mountains for climbing. Many offer great views and challenging climbs but lack world-class difficulty and the climbing heights of the Northern Hemisphere.

National parks and reserves: magnificent national parks are found throughout the region, especially in Australia. Kakadu, Uluru and the Blue Mountains are particularly special. New Zealand and other South Pacific Island nations also boast great parks.

World Heritage sites: an array of World Heritage sites can be seen in the region with most being in Australia. The Solomon Islands has one and New Zealand is home to a couple.

Spiritual places and trips: the region is a little short when it comes to spiritual sites. Uluru in Australia has ancient Aboriginal grounds which are sacred and protected. New Zealand is home to native Maori sites along Mount Taranaki and Tonga has some remains of the Tu’i Tonga Empire.

Islands and beaches: some of the world’s most stunning beaches and islands are located in the Australasia and South Pacific region including: Lord Howe Island, Fraser Island, Bondi Beach, Natadola Beach and the Cook Islands.

Festivals and events: from large scale music festivals to New Year celebrations, there is always something happening in the region.