The waters of the South Pacific Ocean are constantly moving and with storms and cyclones a regular occurrence, fantastic surf conditions are usually always present somewhere. With so many beach and reef breaks catering to all skill levels of board riders, the region is very popular.

Australia has an endless number of surf spots spread out over its 16,000 plus miles of coastline. The famous Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road in the state of Victoria is considered to have some of the world’s best waves.

Great surfing can also be found throughout the Fiji islands and also New Zealand, with some great beach breaks. Ha’atafu in Tonga and Lavata in the Solomon Islands have some powerful offshore reef breaks for more experienced riders.

Bells Beach - Victoria, Australia: This internationally famous beach is located along the southeast coast of Australia in the state of Victoria. Bells Beach hosts the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf competition, which draws the world’s best surfers.

Lavata, Solomon Islands: Great surfing here for experienced riders in the summer months particularly. The sheltered reef break is rarely crowded and breaks both left and right. Be sure to watch out for coral, as it can be dangerous.

Margaret River, Australia: Without a doubt the best surfing on the west coast of Australia is at Margaret River. Along the picturesque 25 miles of coastline there are many challenging and famous beach and reef breaks.

Taranaki, New Zealand: The Taranaki coastline is home to New Zealand’s best surf beaches. The area has breaks facing three directions so you are guaranteed some fast breaking waves, no matter which way the swell is coming from. The beaches and headlands produce clean barrels, which draw riders from around the globe.

New Caledonia reef breaks, New Caledonia: There are some great waves for surfing in New Caledonia but all the best spots are approximately two miles offshore. With left and right breaking waves, it is a perfect spot for serious surfers. Be sure to take care along the sharp coral and wear some protective surf shoes.

Ningaloo Reef, Australia: Some of the most spectacular and perfect surf spots in Western Australia are around Ningaloo Reef. More suited to experienced board riders with some challenging and powerful reef breaks.

Ha’atafu, Tonga: Ha’atafu and surrounding reef breaks offer great surfing conditions with ocean swells coming from the North and South Pacific. The majority of breaks are on outer reefs, so more suited to experienced board riders. There are numerous inexpensive surfboat day tours that will take you to the breaks and provide lunch.

Opunake Beach, New Zealand: Situated approximately 20 miles from New Plymouth on the west coast of New Zealand’s north island, Opunake Beach produces some very powerful waves with a consistent three to six foot swell. Desperation Point, which is a quarter-mile paddle from the beach, has both left and right breaks that can become massive with a heavy ocean swell.

Kirra - Queensland, Australia: Located on the famous Gold Coast, Kirra beach is well known throughout the international surfing community. The beach has challenging waves for the more experienced surfers as well as some smaller waves closer to shore for beginners.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific: Not as well known as other South Pacific surf destinations, Norfolk Island does have some nice waves. With some easy beach breaks and a few outer reef breaks, Norfolk Island provides a good opportunity for both beginner and advanced level surfers.