Australia and the South Pacific islands boast some of the world’s best waters for diving and snorkeling. With a variety of climates and natural elements, a large range of marine life is available.

Australia’s northeast is home to the famous Great Barrier Reef, which is as vast as it is spectacular. The surrounding areas are some of the best for all levels of diving and snorkeling. New Zealand’s Poor Knights Island is world renowned for its clear visibility and great marine life.

Travelers will also enjoy many of the islands in the South Pacific Oceania region. The warm waters and flourishing coral are not only pleasant and colorful but bring many beautiful marine animals to look at whilst diving.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Experience some of the fantastic marine life around the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding waters. The world’s largest reef has a plethora of dive spots for beginners to experienced dive masters. There are many areas with shallow water that are filled with colorful fish and fauna, perfect for snorkeling.

Poor Knights Island, New Zealand: The Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve is listed in the world’s top ten dive sites. The dive area is New Zealand’s most popular, with clear waters, amazing deep-water caves and an array of large underwater creatures.

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia: Positioned in Coral Bay off the Western Australian coast, Nigaloo Reef has many marine species including manta rays, turtles, sharks and a variety of tropical fish. Fantastic shallow water beaches allow great snorkeling for the whole family.

Cannibal Islands, Fiji: Fiji’s Cannibal Islands are the perfect place for beginners and experienced dive masters alike with some deep-water sites home to large marine animals. Shallow water reefs and some calm beaches make it a perfect place for snorkeling.

Heron Island - Queensland, Australia: Located just off the Queensland coast, along the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island has beautiful clear waters perfect for diving and lovely white sand beaches that offer great snorkeling opportunities.

New Caledonia: Situated around the islands of New Caledonia are many great dive and snorkeling sites. The crystal clear turquoise waters are alive with colorful coral and beautiful tropical fish.

Ha’apai, Tonga: The warm crystal clear waters of Tonga offer great visibility, which makes for great diving and snorkeling. With an abundance of reefs and marine life including humpback whales, Tonga is fantastic for a special diving experience.

Tutukaka Coast, New Zealand: The Tutukaka Coast on the North Island of New Zealand has some great dive sites including numerous ex-naval vessels. Snorkeling along the coastline is amazing, with a plethora of colorful tropical fish living in the large reefs.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia: Situated not far from Perth, the beautiful Rottnest Island is full of amazing marine life. With an array of great dive and snorkeling sites, you can be assured of a fantastic time in the water.

Upolu, Samoa: The Island of Upolu in Samoa has some of the island’s best beaches and most beautiful dive sites. Along the shores of Vavau Beach are great reefs with large amounts of small fish and coral perfect for snorkeling.