Monte Carlo Travel Guide

Usually mistaken for the capital of Monaco, Monte Carlo, one of the world’s leading resorts in Europe, is unarguably the wealthiest of all Monaco’s four quarters. Attracting tourists from all over the world to its glittering glamour, hardcore gambling and many historical venues, this exciting city is a perfect place to relax and spot famous celebrities and high-so wannabes. With a fairly small size, navigating Monte Carlo is as easy as losing your money in its Grand Casino.

Known for its world-renowned casino and an ideal place for star-gazing, Monte Carlo oozes the air of glitz and glamour and no doubt is one of the most expensive resort destinations in the world. Not only does Monte Carlo blow tourists’ minds (and money) with many hedonistic options and amenities, it also boasts an array of historical gems. Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo is praised for its sophisticated and elaborated interior while Monaco Cathedral is no less exquisite.

Thrill-seekers can also find a plenty of things to keep them busy. The Monte Carlo Rally, one of the most respected car rallies, usually draws attention from world-class racers and those who love watching the games. Also a haven for shopaholics worldwide, Monte Carlo features a wide range of brand names, while the Grand Casino will take up the most of your time in the evening.


Palais du Prince: featuring 15 grand rooms including the Throne Room which are all open to public, Monaco’s beautiful royal palace also houses a museum displaying a collection of Napoleon’s memorabilia in the south wing.

Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium: is where you can witness Prince Albert I’s personal collection of marine life and his laboratory ships. The building itself is perched on a cliff overlooking the glittering sea. A gigantic aquarium is housed in the basement of the museum.

Monaco Cathedral: built in 1875, this remarkable cathedral is home to the tombs of Princess Grace and the former Princes of Monaco. Expect an impressive show of the cathedral’s four-keyboard organ during festivals and important religious events.

Monaco-Ville: this old part of town which was home to the Grimaldi family is open to public, offering fantastic views of the city and sleek, flashy yachts in the marinas.

Jardin Exotique: boasts a magnificent range of aromatic flora with various colors. There’s also a museum unveiling archaeological finds.

Monte Carlo Casino: is a place not to be missed. This gigantic Grand Casino, built in 1878, has many gaming rooms, all boasting the finest architecture and splendid stained glass windows.