Milan Travel Guide

Milan is best known as a mecca of fashion, style and all that is chic and draws top names in the fashion industry, wannabes and those who just like to immerse themselves in the catwalk culture and admire all the beautiful people. Very little comes cheap in this city and unless you’re on the right side of affluent, shopping probably won’t make the top of your holiday agenda.

Italy’s second biggest city after Rome is unsurprisingly highly cosmopolitan but it’s also something of a cultural treasure chest with its splendid cathedral located in the central square. This Duomo is the largest in the country and is also among its best examples of fine Gothic architecture. A climb to the top affords some awesome views over the city. Not far away is the Castello Sforzesco with its small selection of museums and sculpture exhibits.

For an ambiance based on a constant hum of activity, the Piazza Cordusio is where you’ll find financial institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Stock Exchange. Nearby, the Piazza degli Affari offers shopping or window shopping (budget depending) opportunities and is the place to head to see some of the country’s elite on their entirely financially care-free shopping excursions.


Castello Sforzesco: is associated with the Viscontis and the Sforzas, who were two of the most powerful families of the Renaissance era. A series of small museums can be found inside the castle.

Civic Gallery of Modern Art: once the residence of Napoléon and his stepson Eugene de Beauharnais, this magnificent old palace building houses an impressive collection of art which includes paintings by Gauguin and Cezanne and sculptures by Italian artist Marino Marini.

Civico Museo Archeologico: the Civic Archaeology museum is home to a sizable collection of artifacts dating as far back as Greek, Etruscan, and Roman times.

Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology: here the sketches that Leonardo da Vinci made of airplanes, submarines and other engine-based objects are transformed into working three dimensional models.

The Duomo: the largest cathedral in the country took a lengthy five centuries to complete; many who have visited it will tell you that it was well worth the time it took.