Margarita Island Travel Guide

Venezuela’s Margarita Island, the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean‘, is popular with cash-splashing high-rollers and crusty backpackers alike. The beautiful beaches and plethora of entertainment options including discos, casinos and luxurious swimming pools attract all sorts to the island’s pristine shores. Opportunities to indulge in outdoor pursuits and friendly locals add to the omnipresent sense of fun on this fabulous island.

Just 24 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Margarita Island, or the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’, is a beautiful tropical combination of sun-kissed beaches and thumping entertainment options suitable for big spenders and gap-year skinflints alike. Hot and sunny year round, tourists can enjoy the relative merits of discos, casinos and delightful resorts on this idyllic getaway.

The island’s capital, La Asuncion, has loads of pretty shops, pleasant caf├ęs and a cheeky pink cathedral. The gorgeously tropical Playa El Agua is the most popular beach on the island and where you can soak up some rays in the day or sample the fun-filled local nightlife after the sun goes down. For a more isolated day out, bask in the natural splendor of the surrounding mangrove trees at the stunning Laguna de la Restinga in La Restinga National Park.


Playa El Agua: this stunning tropical beach is tranquil and sun-kissed by day and loud and raucous by night.

Laguna de la Restinga: see Mother Nature in all her glory at this idyllic spot.

Isla de Coche: this peaceful fishing island offers outdoor activities such as windsurfing and kite-surfing on its pretty beaches.

Kamy Beach: this trendy nightclub is the hottest spot on the island.