Guam Travel Guide

Guam is strategically important to USA because it has military bases on this Pacific Ocean Island. There are many interesting places on Guam. The Tumon Bay is the tourist hub of Guam that is packed with hotels, restaurants and clubs and has a beautiful reef, Y’pao Beach Park, and a penal colony.

The Pago Bay Vista Point offers splendid views of the Pago River from high above; Ritidian Point with its sandy beaches and exotic wildlife, and the Puntan Dos Amantes, also known as Two Lovers Point, situated at the top of 125 m limestone cliff that has a huge golden statue of entwined lovers, are popular tourist attractions in Guam. The local culture influenced by Spanish colonialism is another attraction of Guam.

Getting There & Away

If traveling by air, Continental Micronesia direct non-stop flights to Guam from USA. The Wan Pat Guam International Airport also receives flights from other international carriers via Japan or Philipinnes. For entry by sea, the Apra Harbor is the only sea port.

Weather & When to Go

With little seasonal temperature variation, the climate in Guam remains generally tropical marine. Guam has a dry season from January to June and a rainy season from July to December. Northeast trade winds blow across the island.