Cannes Travel Guide

The French Riviera has long been the playground for the rich and famous, and Cannes carries much of that reputation of glitz and glamour with ease. With its postcard perfect beaches, yachts moored in the bay, palm-lined avenues and a multitude of artistic events and organizations - Cannes epitomizes the high life.

Of all the cultural events held each year in Cannes, the crown jewel is of course the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious events in the world. Every year, the international movie scene converges on the idyllic Côte D’Azur and for a week in May, it’s all flashing cameras, red carpets and Hollywood smiles.

People come to the region for the surrounding areas as much as for the city itself. The typical Mediterranean landscape – being what many would equate to paradise – has been a getaway spot for at least a few hundred years, since the aristocracy decided to build their holiday homes here. These days, there is plenty of property for rent and though it’s certainly not cheap, they are few better places at which to spend a few days in the lap of luxury.


Cannes Film Festival: those with enough foresight and deep pockets can be present for some of the best celebrity watching in the world every May.

Palm Beach Casino: put on your tux and do your best James Bond impression, just try not to blow the mortgage at the Roulette table.

Ile Saint-Honorat: if you’re feeling guilty from your indulgences and crave a bit of history, this wooded island just off the coast is still resident to some 30 monks and is a good place to unwind.

Musée de la Castre: worthy of a visit just for the gardens and building, this institution on a hill in the Old Town contains exhibits on ethnography, primitive art and other eclectic collections of antiques.