Tiantai Shan (Tiantai Mountain) is a beautiful mountain and also the name of a mountain range with a famous peak called Jade Clouds Peak. It is popular with climbers and nature lovers from all across the world.

The mountain range is home to 16 smaller peaks as well as a stunning river called Long Beach, 12 waterfalls and over 30 scenic spots and viewpoints. It is a climber’s dream and popular with hikers.

The Tiantai mountain range has been regarded as extremely sacred since ancient times and was at one time associated with Daoism. However, today it is much more closely associated with Buddhism. According to belief, the first Buddhist community to settle there was in 238 to 251 AD, but Buddhism was not fully established until the monk Zhiyi settled there in 576 AD. There are many temple relics to explore which date back to this period.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport is at Yiwu, although this is a relatively small airport and only really serves domestic flights. It is possible to catch a connecting flight from Beijing in just 2 hours. From the airport, there are buses and taxis available to take visitors to the mountain.