Pulau Adonara Travel Guide

Situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia's Solor Archipelago, Pulau Adona covers 497 square kilometers and is the area's highest island at 1,659 meters.

Settled by the Portuguese several centuries ago, Palau Andonara has still retained much of its Portuguese influence, moderated by hints of the Dutch and Islamic cultures. This can be clearly seen in the island's beautiful buildings, temples and churches as well as the culinary creations of the people who live there.

Like much of this area, the waters around Pulau Andonara are popular with scuba divers and snorkelers. Beach bunnies will find a good number of stretches of sand to soak up the sun on, while those who enjoy adventure sports can trek through the jungle to discover waterfalls and caves.

What is It?
A picturesque island, part of Indonesia's Solor Archipelago.
When to Go
During the dry season between May and September.
Nearest Town
Kalabahi, a four-hour ferry ride away.
Don't Miss
climb the slopes of the Ili Boleng volcano for spectacular views of the area.
Pulau Adonara's Ili Boleng volcano last erupted in 1983.

There are a number of small villages on the island, and a great way to explore is by hiring a bicycle and using peddle power to journey along narrow winding roads beside lush rice fields and orchards.

Accommodation on Palau Andonara tends to be rather basic, so those who like to surround themselves with luxury might prefer to look elsewhere. However, this is a good place for those who want to escape the tourist scene and discover Indonesia's natural beauty and culture.

Travel to Pulau Adonara - Getting There

Access for international visitors is from Denpasar, which has a large airport with connecting flights to surrounding countries. Visitors can take a connecting flight from Denpasar to Pulau Alor's airport (1 hour) and then catch a ferry to Pulau Adonara to the port of Kalabahi on Pulau Alor (4 hours).