Situated in southern Luzon, the magnificent volcanic peak of Mount Isarog is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna including colorful orchids, blind snakes and tiny falconets.

Fog flows through the park, adding to the atmosphere and giving it a magical quality. This is the perfect place for hiking and there are a number of points of interest such as waterfalls, rainforest, caves and even a beach. Follow the manmade trails to discover a diverse natural wonderland.

Home to the nomadic Negrito tribe people, Mount Isarog can get rather chilly and is quite wet as it receives more than twice the rainfall of surrounding areas, making this a great place to escape from the heat and cool down for a while._ _

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to reach Mount Isarog National Park is by hiring a jeepney or pedicab from Naga City, which is about a 30-minute drive to the foot of Mount Isarog. There are regular flights from Manila - the closest airport - (with a journey time of 55 minutes) or you can choose to take the bus, which takes about 6 hours from Manila.