Located in the stunning northern highlands of South Sulawesi in Indonesia, Makale is a charming small town with traditional tribal culture, nature activities and interesting local entertainment.

Getting to Makale can be extremely easy, with the nearby Rantepao Regional Airport located less than an hour away. Alternatively, you can take a bus or private car from the capital of Makassar, which takes approximately 10 hours. Inside the town center are several guest houses and restaurants catering to foreign tourists.

The beautiful and stunning mountain ranges in the surrounding area are one of the main attractions for visitors to Makale and there are several tour companies offering guided trips through the jungle. You can also catch a traditional Sulawesi burial ritual if you lucky, which is an amazing experience.

Getting There & Away

With a regional airport located in the nearby city of Rantepao, getting to Makale is painless. There are only limited flights each week from the capital Makassar so be sure to arrange tickets prior to travel. There are daily flights to Makassar from the international airports at Jakarta and Bali. If you do not wish to fly there are buses traveling from Makassar, although the journey time is in excess of 10 hours.

Things to Do

Makale Attractions

Makale Waterfall

Situated less than 30 minutes’ drive from the town center is this stunning waterfall with a fantastic drop pool to have a swim in.

Side trips from Makale


The nearby town of rantepao is a great place to visit with a bustling market place and some tasty local restaurants.