Solo Female Traveler: While equality is great, female travelers do have additional safety concerns and cultural considerations when traveling to other countries. We provide tips on keeping safe as well as links to other sources of information and groups catering specifically to women travelers.

With Children: Traveling with your children can be great, but it does take a little bit of preparation - we provide some tips and tricks to keep them (and you) happy and healthy when on the road.

Business Traveler: The International business man must be aware of the cultural differences between countries. The simple act of how you present your business card can make a generate a good or bad impression in some cultures. In addition the modern electronically connected business man must take into account the differing electrical and phone standards around the world.

Student Traveler: Because so many students travel internationally, there is a large market directed entirely towards this group of people. There are many ways to save money while traveling as a student. If you fit into this category then you should be taking advantage of as many deals as possible to maximize your dollar.

Flashpacker: Backpacker that enjoys the finer things in life? Flashpackers are backpackers, but noted for their affinity for technology and little luxuries along the tourist track. Where backpackers are most likely in search of the best hostel bargains and the cheapest place to get a bite to eat, flashpackers are more likely to splurge here and again when the mood strikes. In a word, flashpackers are just backpackers with a bankroll.

Vegetarian Traveler: travel has become much easier for vegetarians in recent years. Airlines provide conscientious menus for vegetarians, vegans and other special-needs diners. A vegetarian holiday usually requires some planning, a prospect made easier through online resources and networks. A growing trend among travel agencies is the vegetarian tour, which lets tourists enjoy their holiday without stressing over food details. International travel can be complicated by language barriers, making it important for vegetarian travelers to learn a few restaurant-related phrases before traveling.

Special Needs

Travelers with special considerations have more options than ever when it comes to domestic and international travel. Resources and booking agencies offer internet services that help travelers plan their trips and even meet up with likeminded travelers along the way. Specialty tours are also gaining popularity, giving travelers with special considerations the chance to enjoy sightseeing without extensive planning.

Airlines accommodate travelers with special considerations with special seating, conscientious menus and attentive staff. Deep vein thrombosis poses a risk to senior travelers and pregnant women but can be prevented by getting up and moving around every hour to increase circulation. Travelers are strongly encouraged to consult their physician for specific precautions before setting out.

Disabled Traveler: as the global tourism industry continues to grow, facilities for disabled travelers have become more commonplace. By booking airfare well in advance, travelers with special needs can arrange for more spacious seating. Airline staff are attentive and well versed in disabled travelers’ needs. Online networks and information pages offer a range of valuable resources to help disabled travelers plan their next outing. Even simpler, tourists can book specialty tours at home and abroad through agencies that cater specifically to disabled travelers. Travelers are reminded to carry medical records and a full supply of prescription medicine while on holiday.

Pregnant Traveler: pregnant women enjoy plenty of options when traveling during the second trimester. In fact, there’s a trend among expecting couples to take a ‘babymoon’ and enjoy one last vacation before the family dynamics change. The first and third semesters are delicate periods of pregnancy and travel by air is best avoided. The main risks for long-haul pregnant travelers are deep vein thrombosis and the problems associated with certain vaccinations. Pregnant women are encouraged to carry their medical records with them at all times in case complications occur far from home.

Senior Traveler: there has never been a better time for senior citizens to take off and enjoy the world’s blossoming tourism market. Seniors and pensioners have more free time and in many cases can capitalize on special discounts and promotions. Since the internet has gone mainstream, social networking groups and travel directories have been formed to help senior citizens plan their next outing and meet up with travel companions along the way. Seniors are at greater risk for deep vein thrombosis aboard long-haul flights, and anyone with special health considerations is encouraged to carry medical records and copies of their prescriptions along with them.