Where to Stay in Africa

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Travel is still relatively uncommon in Africa, in comparison to places like South America and South East Asia, and most of the region is not set up for tourists. It is possible to find budget location in countries like South Africa and Morocco, but many other countries provide only mid-range and high end accommodation.

It is a good idea to book rooms in advance when you can, as discounts are more likely to be had this way. Some travelers choose to stay with local families throughout the region, and this can be a great way to discover the national culture as well as enjoy the scenery.

Hostels: hostels can be found in the cities of South Africa, Morocco and several other countries, and they tend to be reasonably clean. Some have services such as laundry onsite, and these are generally the cheapest accommodation you can find.

Hotels: hotels on the continent range from mid-range to luxury, and most tend to be well kept and clean. It is best to book hotels in advance, particularly in big cities, or when there is a festival or event happening, as places can get busy.

Camping: camping is a popular activity in Africa, as there is so much outdoor space to enjoy. Locations of campsites can range from Morocco’s sparse deserts to lush forests. In some countries, it is a good idea to bring your own equipment, as camping gear can be hard to come by.

Bungalows: visitors can find charming bungalows along the coast in places like Mozambique and South Africa as well as some great self catering options in the game parks of the south and eastern parts of the region. Bungalows tend to be cheaper than hotels, but more expensive than their counterparts in countries like Thailand. They are often luxurious, featuring cable television and little kitchen areas.