Tawi Tawi Travel Guide

Tawi Tawi is a group of islands between the Sulu archipelago and the Malaysian state of Sabah, Borneo, in the deep southwest of the Philippines, and is best known for its Muslim influence and natural zoos.

Worth It?
Only if you have extra time in the Philippines, due to the area's remoteness.
What to Do
visiting natural zoos, checking out Bongao.
Best Time to Go
anytime outside August through November when it rains the most; December through February being the nicest time in Tawi Tawi.
How Long?
At least a couple of days in Tawi Tawi.
Tawi Tawi was formerly held by the UK and is now an autonomous region in the Philippines.

The city of Bongao is the gateway to the autonomous Tawi Tawi region, from where trips can be made out to the many delectable islands of the chain - Simunul and Sibutu being the most popular. The area is one of a surprising variety of flora and fauna in Tawi Tawi's dense forests.

The so-called natural zoos are the biggest asset of Tawi Tawi and are accessible by boat (kumpit) from the Chinese pier near the market in downtown Bongao. Other highlights in Tawi Tawi include the Gusong Reef, Bongao Peak in Bongao, the curious Manuk-Mangkaw Island, and Tahing-Tahing Beach.

Travel to Tawi Tawi - Getting There

Due to its remoteness, the best way to Tawi Tawi is to fly to Bongao's Sanga-Sanga Airport (Tawi-Tawi Airport). Flights come in from Manila in under 2 hours and from Zamboanga City in around 45 minutes. Ferries run to Bongao's pier in Tawi Tawi from Zamboanga City and Jolo.

Tawi Tawi Things to Do

Tawi Tawi Attractions

the 'Venice of the Philippines' is one of houses on stilts and floating markets and can be found to the west of the larger Sibutu Island.
Simunul and Sibutu islands
these are two of the most popular islands to visit in Tawi Tawi.
Sangay Siapo
one of Tawi Tawi's remoter islands, Sangay Siapo features white beaches and fantastic snorkeling and is uninhabited.
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