Travel Dojo Roadmap

As you can probably tell we are Pre-BETA right now. We are currently uploading content and in the middle of a major re-design so not everything will be working properly. Please check back soon.

This is a 'sneak peak' phase right now. Just a taste of things to come. We will be getting a blog up shortly to better track the progress and making it easier for people to start sending feedback and leaving comments.

What We are Working Towards

Right now we are getting content up and sorting through the navigation and getting the base CMS up. Here are a few things we are working towards:

  • Better Navigation: So you can quickly get to the destination you want.
  • Community Features: Forums, blogs and ways everyone can interact with each other.
  • Content, Content, Content: We've got lots and lots more content to get online.

What's TravelDojo gonna be like one day?

Here is a list of stuff in the works and roughly how far along it is. If you have suggestions please leave some feedback.

Upload Destination Content (75%)
Fixup Country Pages(10%)
Cleanup Initial Pages (20%)
New Base CMS (1%)

Completed Items

New CSS Layout and Formatting (100%)
Initial Outline for 2,000 Destinations (100%)